Harry’s Journey Home – Page 4

An exciting day today on the music front – I have acquired a lovely new Fender Stratocaster from the company’s new Player series. These guitars are made in Mexico as opposed to the US but Mexican made Stratocasters have always been a solid alternative to the US ones – and the Player series is apparently even more so.

And having only owned a Squier Stratocaster and Telecaster, guitars made to Fender‘s specifications but with much lower quality materials in factories halfway around the world, I’ve been looking forward for some time to taking the leap and owning a genuine Fender. In some ways, I wish I’d made that leap sooner but given how better the new Player Stratocasters are than the previous made-in-Mexico models, the timing couldn’t be better.

However, I’ll save all that for another post. Perhaps I’ll make another area of the site where I just talk about the music side of things… because this post is where I’m sharing the next page of Harry’s Journey Home.


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