The Martian Archaeologist

I’m kind of amazed how long it’s been since I’ve  posted anything here. I didn’t even post anything early last year when I released Star Frontier: Intrepid.

That’s largely down to the pandemic. And while I haven’t affected much personally, I know countless other people have and, as a result, I just felt 2020 wasn’t the right time to spread the word about my books. It didn’t feel like the right time for anything much. For my part, I spent more time with my family and appreciated how lucky I am to have such a wonderful wife and a wonderful son. I always do but sometimes we can take the things we have in life for granted a bit – and seeing what was happening all around the world (and what still is) – it made me realize just how lucky I am.

I’ve still been writing though and while that’s mostly just been for my enjoyment, another book has come out of it – and I actually quite like it. In fact, I like it enough to share it with anyone who cares to buy it so I’ve released it into the wild and I’ll soon be putting links up on the main page to help anyone who’s interested know where to find it.

But since I’m talking about it here too, here are the details. It’s a science fiction flavored novella but it’s more wry and introspective than my usual fare, with no real action to speak of. The story follows a jaded archaeologist who allows an old friend to talk him into traveling into Mars to investigate the origins of an artificial object. Whether he finds more pieces of the puzzle or not, I won’t say here but the real question is what he’ll discover about himself. And he may just find a bit of the contentment missing from his life.


Searching for relics.

Discovering meaning.

When a sheet of metal is uncovered beneath the Martian sands, archaeologist Jack Carter is given a rare opportunity to travel to the red planet and the chance to make a discovery unlike any other in history.

But with the beautiful and mysterious Gemma at side, there’s more on Mars for Jack to discover than old relics. Far from the comfort of the world he loves, there’s a chance of finding happiness he’s never known.

There may even be a chance for Jack to find himself.




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