Living between two worlds isn't easy. Bridging the divide is harder still.

Aurora is not like other children. While she is raised among humans, she is a Veya—a member of a wandering alien race entrenched in a war with humanity that began before she was even born.

As she reaches adulthood and is torn from the only family she's known, Aurora attempts to bridge the divide between humans and her kind to put an end to the fighting once and for all.

But with the world falling apart around her, aggressors on both sides and treachery undermining her every move, Aurora discovers the road to peace is not an easy one to follow.

If however she abandons it, the consequences will be catastrophic...

Exploring the challenges of staying true to oneself in the face of adversity, The Veya Child is a powerful coming-of-age tale, intimate in its focus and epic in its scope.


Searching for relics. Discovering meaning.

When a sheet of metal is uncovered beneath the Martian sands, archaeologist Jack Carter is given a rare opportunity to travel to the red planet and the chance to make a discovery unlike any other in history.

But with the beautiful and mysterious Gemma at his side, there's more on Mars for Jack to discover than old relics. Far from the comfort of the world he loves, there's a chance of finding happiness he's never known.

There may even be a chance for Jack to find himself.


Like many mothers, Liz tries to protect her daughter Portia from the outside world. But with a secret past and a double-life, it's harder than she thinks.

And when Portia's life is endangered by the arrival of a vampire in their small seaside town, Liz realizes that there may be no stopping the tides of change. More vampires are coming, heralding the arrival of an ancient evil of incredible power.

In the face of this deluge, there can be no more secrets between Liz and Portia. And before the week is out, their lives will be changed forever...

A contemporary coming of age tale leading to a climactic showdown with the supernatural, The Sun Never Sets is a story you will never forget…


The Federation is on the brink of war. With everyone.

Corinthe, the minister of security, has launched a campaign to strengthen the Federation by annexing the nations of the Frontier in response to an external threat.

The only problem is there is no threat. The members of the Frontier resistance movement know it, the commander of the Federation's navy knows it and so do the crew of the Lady Hawk, who have no idea what they're about to be swept up in.

Meanwhile, the worlds along the Frontier are being swallowed up under Corinthe's policy of aggressive expansion and things are about to reach a boiling point.

Fast-paced, smart and fun, Star Frontier is a thrilling space opera adventure you’ll want to read again and again!

Little is known about the remote Minstrahn Empire, except it is apparently a peaceful and uneventful place. Or rather, it was…

After centuries of isolation, the Empress has asked for aid and the Federation has answered the call. And the situation may be more serious than anyone knows.

There are signs of hidden forces at work, forces that threaten not only the Minstrahn but the worlds of the Frontier and the heart of the Federation itself.

Star Frontier: Beyond the Veil is an exciting space opera mystery thriller that maintains the spirit of the first Star Frontier, while taking the series in exciting new directions.

Embark on a journey spanning three decades and see the Star Frontier universe as you've never seen it before.

Go back to the days of the Levarc War, thirty years before the events of Star Frontier. Witness the siege that nearly ended the Federation and the battle ten years later in which the Federation’s weary forces finally vanquished their deadliest enemy.

Meet the young Gilham Roth, years before he became Admiral. Join Laila Casdan on her journey to the Frontier world she will one day call her home. Learn more of Drackson Araujion’s mysterious past and then join him once more in a thrilling novella set just after the events of Star Frontier: Beyond the Veil.

The third book in Hamish Spiers’ exciting space opera series, Dangerous Games is a collection no fan will want to miss…

The most compelling Star Frontier yet.

For almost sixty years, Imraec Tarc has occupied the world of Katara. For almost sixty years, no one has cared. But no longer.

Prominent figures in the United Frontier have their eyes set on Imraec Tarc and are planning to send an intervention force into the region.

In preparation for the massive undertaking, Selina Erama and Asten Korr journey to Imraec Tarc to find a missing Phalamkian diplomat, while Maia Kaleilae and Zak Materson prepare to lead the task force. Meanwhile, Carla Casdan makes a series of shocking discoveries after answering a remote distress call, and Jiang Sarra finds herself stranded on Imraec Tarc while following a weapons smuggling trail.

All drawn into the liberation of Katara, by design or accident, their lives will never be the same.

With perfect pacing and gripping tension, Star Frontier: Descent is an incredible space opera mystery thriller and an exciting addition to the Star Frontier saga.

A search for answers and a fight for survival…

A rogue shipboard computer. The pursuit of a ghost ship. And first contact with a genocidal enemy.

Jiang Sarra, now an intelligence agent for the Frontier nation of Laonist must reason with a shipboard computer that has taken her and all its passengers off course. Meanwhile, two Phalamkian fighter pilots—Adeline Chandra and Sonja Mira—track down a ghost ship unlike anything in known space.

But the worst is yet to come as the Frontier is about to be thrown into a confrontation with a hitherto unknown enemy hellbent on its destruction...

Fast paced and good fun, Intrepid is classic Star Frontier.


Jason Harding is not your regular crime fighter.

He’s  not a billionaire, he’s had no training and he can’t actually fight.  And since he’s cleaning up Fringe City, a place the rest of the country  has written off, he knows he has his work cut out for him.

What he doesn’t know though are the limits of his abilities and how much the events he puts in motion will change him. To survive, he must learn to adapt, depend on others and trust them.

But the ultimate challenge, he discovers, is letting go.

Exciting, fast paced and full of surprises, The Sentinel is the perfect urban crime fighting adventure thriller!

Eight years ago, Jason Harding set out on a mission to save Fringe City. Now, he must resurrect his alter–ego, the Sentinel, to stop it from falling back into its dark past.

A sudden wave of crimes has swept the town. One that, if not stopped, could destroy everything Jason and his allies worked to achieve. And the criminals behind it are cunning adversaries. Their crimes are calculated, they kill with impunity and they leave no traces.

Jason is tracking them down, using every trick he knows and learning new ones along the way. But he has to work fast because time is running out.

Intelligent, inventive and exhilarating, Fringe City Nightfall is a superb successor to The Sentinel. This is one crime fighting adventure you won’t want to miss!

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