Suggested reading order for new fans

Welcome to the world of Star Frontier, an ever expanding creation of vast interstellar societies and stories spanning numerous years.

Every book and story in this series can be enjoyed on its own but, read in their intended order, they create a richer and more fulfilling reading experience.

Chronological reading order for the Star Frontier aficionado...

The stories in Star Frontier span several time periods listed below. The chronological guide includes the period in which each story takes place.

Levarc War

This eleven year long conflict affected nearly all the regions of the Star Frontier universe—the Federation, the Kingdom of the Levarc, the Harskan Sector and, of course, the Frontier region at the Federation’s edge—and its effects are still felt in later time periods.


This  was a period of rebuilding and transition.

Frontier Crisis

The Frontier Crisis was a brief time span in which an ambitious Federation politician used spurious claims of an external threat to launch a campaign to annex Frontier Words. The original Star Frontier recounts how, twenty-three years after the end of the Levarc War, this campaign was brought to an end.

United Frontier

Several subsequent Star Frontier novels, novellas and short stories are set during this time.

Selected stories from Star Frontier: Dangerous Games

The Vigilant (Levarc War)

Levarc Mining Camp No. 5 (Levarc War)

Hindsight (Levarc War)

Victory Day (Levarc War)

Renegades (Post-War)

Federated (Post-War)

(Frontier Crisis)

(United Frontier)

A novella that largely takes place alongside the next novella in this list.

You can download it right here.

(United Frontier)

Novella from Star Frontier: Dangerous Games

The Araujion Elite (United Frontier)

(United Frontier)

(United Frontier)

And although they're only related to Star Frontier by virtue of being set in the same universe, the serious Star Frontier fan might enjoy connecting the subtle links to the Star Frontier series in the following books as well:

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