This is a free album for all visitors to enjoy. I had originally intended to release most of these songs commercially but I chose not to in the end as the recordings just weren't polished enough for my liking... and I've spent far too long working on them to go back and redo any of them.

So before I move on and record my next lot of songs, I'm putting these ones here. Enjoy.

1. Have you ever felt the rain?

1.5. Have you ever felt the rain? A newer take.

2. Kiss them goodbye

2.5. Kiss them goodbye: A newer take.

3. Last week's news

4. Say

4.5. Say: A laid back take on the solo.

5. I love the stranger

6. The ghost

7. Crashing in

8. Can't wait for you all night

9. You and I

10. A straight path to cling to

11. Talk for a while

12. The way that you are

13. Dancing on the beach

14. Honey

15. Distant shores

16. In your eyes

17. Look around you

18. Mediterranean night

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